Published on May 30, 2018

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today shared additional details about how his Plan for the People will help vulnerable and low-income Ontarians lower their tax bills and keep more money in their pockets.

“We have a plan that will create jobs, grow our economy and help us hire more doctors, nurses and teachers while putting more money back into your pocket,” said Ford. “This plan will include real relief for the vulnerable people who need help the most.”

Ford detailed examples about the money that low income and vulnerable Ontarians could expect to save under the Ontario PC plan.

  • A single-parent with one child could expect to save as much as $7,300 thanks to the Ontario PC childcare tax credit, 10 cents/litre cut in gas prices and 12 per cent hydro rate cut.
  • A low-income worker making minimum wage could save as much as $1400 a year thanks to the Ontario PC minimum wage tax credit as well as reduced hydro and gas bills.
  • A low-income senior could also see as much as $1400 in savings thanks to the Ontario PC Plan to provide free dental care as well as hydro and gas savings.

“This is real money being returned to the people who need it most,” said Ford. “It’s not being spent by special interests or big government. Instead, it is being spent by real people who deserve a break.”


“The choice Ontarians face could not be more clear,” Ford concluded. “We will grow the economy, so we can afford better services. But the NDP will put the economy at risk and jeopardize the services we have today.”