Published on May 04, 2018

An Ontario PC Government will introduce formal resource revenue sharing that ensures Northern Ontario receives fair benefits from Northern Resources, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford announced today.

“We’re going to introduce real, formal revenue sharing for northern resources,” said Ford. “This means that more money from mining, forestry and aggregates stays in the North, for the people of Northern Ontario.”

Ford revealed how an Ontario PC Government will ensure that Northern Ontario communities, including Indigenous communities, will benefit from receiving a portion of provincial revenues collected from aggregate licenses, stumpage fees and the mining tax.

“Your resources. Your benefits. I think that’s only fair,” said Ford.

Ford further committed that as Premier he would use every tool at his disposal to cut through the delays preventing Northern Ontario from benefiting from the Ring of Fire and other important resource projects.

“My plan means more money in the hands of the folks up here working hard to dig those mines, to build those roads,” said Ford, “and more money for the communities in which they live.

“I say to every single person who wants to work hard to help create good jobs in Northern Ontario that I am with you,” Ford concluded. “Change is coming and help is on the way."