Eliminating Income Taxes for those on Minimum Wage

Published on April 16, 2018

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford said that if elected, he will introduce a new tax credit that will eliminate income taxes for those on minimum wage. This means, that no matter where you work in Ontario, if you are making minimum wage you won’t pay a single cent in income tax.

“We have a plan for the people of Ontario,” said Ford. “We’re going to clean-up Kathleen Wynne’s hydro mess and lower your taxes. And for folks making minimum wage, we’re going a step further. Under a PC government, if you are making minimum wage, you are going to pay no income tax at all.”
“It’s time to turn the page on Kathleen Wynne’s tax grabs and deliver real change that works for you,” concluded Ford. “That’s our plan for Ontario. That’s our plan to put more money in your pocket. It’s all part of our plan for the people.”