Published on April 24, 2018

Will reduce gas prices by 4.3 cents/litre at the pump. Doug Ford today visited a local gas station to announce that as Premier he will both scrap Kathleen Wynne’s cap and trade system, and fight Justin Trudeau’s plan to impose a carbon tax on Ontario.

Ford drew attention to the price of gas in British Columbia which was the first Canadian province to introduce a carbon tax. In the ensuing years, the carbon tax along with a series of other taxes and levies have increased the price of gas in Vancouver to over $1.50 per litre.

“In BC it’s now open season on drivers and Kathleen Wynne wants to follow suit,” said Ford. “If you need to drive a car to get to work, to school or to pick up your kids from daycare, it will your pocket every time you fill up your car.” By eliminating the cap and trade tax an Ontario PC Government will reduce gas prices by 4.3 cents per litre at the pump. Ford also announced that an Ontario PC Government will use every tool at its disposal, including going to the Supreme Court, to stop the Justin Trudeau Liberals from imposing a federal carbon tax on Ontario families.

“I guarantee you that the only thing we’re going to cap is taxes and the only thing we’re going to trade is Kathleen Wynne,” said Ford. “We’re going to scrap the carbon tax. We’re going to put more money in your pocket.”